For some years now, I have been reading and researching the economic history of the world from 1945 onwards. The original idea was to stop at the arbitrary year of 2000, however subsequent events have caused me to treat 2008 as the natural end to a period in the history of the world economy.

My aim is to post articles summarising the information I have collected.

There are various strands to this long terms project covering 1945 – 2008:

  • Newly Industrialised Economies (e.g. South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil)
  • Centrally Planned Economies and the Their Transition to Market (e.g. Poland)
  • Energy (e.g. The Oil Market, Gas, Nuclear Power)
  • Commodity Markets (e.g. Copper, Tin, Aluminium)
  • Transport (e.g. The International Shipping Market)

There are other strands I would like to include if possible, however I have an unrelated day time job which takes most of my time and energy and I can only work on this project when I have free time. Thus it will take many years just to complete the strands already listed above.